Startups Love us!

While we work with a multitude of businesses across the board, the startups are the ones that hire us the most! It’s no wonder since crafting & executing a well-oiled promotion scheme is crucial to any young entrepreneurial project. Believe us, we know how to bring your website’s PR and traffic up!

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Search Engines Need Unique Content

We’re here to bring that uniqueness about!

Simply sign up for our SEO Copywriting service and ensure, that your website’s content is always regarded by Google and Yahoo as unique!


Mid & Long Term Promotional Campaigns

The matter of the fact is the longer your contract with our agency is, the fewer fees and payments you will be eventually paying, if calculated monthly!

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Our Marketing
Agency = SEO + PPC + New Media Combined…

  • ⋅      Our in-house team + Your Personal Account Manager;
  • ⋅      Search Engine Optimization that can be measured over time;
  • ⋅      ROI-driven pay-per-click advertising & ads optimization;
  • ⋅      SEO content writing, marketing;
  • ⋅      New Media Promo Campaigns.


we specialize in

Digital Strategy

Our company is determined to compose a master plan for all of your digital activities and for your success!

Geo-targeted SEO

We are masters and high-quality professionals at improving local SERPs for specific countries and languages!

Social Media Marketing

Working with the New Media promotional campaigns is the newest promo tool we use!

SEO Strategy

Our team will help you achieve your SEO goals for your business, by optimizing your web content!

SEO Copywriting

Getting your website’s content geared up and optimized for bigger traffic is our passion.

PPC & Media Buying

When it comes to either running a contextual ads campaign or buying media, we’re the best!

We’ll Make Your Web
Campaign Resoundingly Effective!

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Our agency’s staff members know

what works and how to use it!

Damien Kaschzmarek

Damien Kaschzmarek

Years in the SEO industry: 17
Short Bio: As company’s founder, Damien is responsible for all the essential business processes.

Derek Zoolander

Derek Zoolander

Years in the SEO industry: 15
Short Bio: Being our agency’s SEO Team Director, it’s Herbert, who’s overseeing our SEO department…

Tom Marvolo

Tom Marvolo

Years in the SEO industry: 10
Short Bio: As a head SEO copywriter and a head of the respective dept., Tom is a valuable asset.

John Franklin

John Franklin

Years in the SEO industry: 8
Short Bio: John is our SMM promotion expert who knows how to lift your company’s social image.

What business owners say

about their cooperation with us:

What a time for web promotion! Initially I’ve requested just a PPC campaign for my new startup, but eventually ended up with a Digital Strategy, New Media campaign and ads and the Search Engine Optimization process underway…

Sarah Lesberry

Immediately after witnessing the first results of an SEO campaign that these guys executed for me, I ordered their New Media & Digital Strategy services as well… Never before I’ve met an agency so proof to any kinds of delays on the deadlines!

Vanessa Hayes

Upon launching my new web startup I had no marketing specialist, which prompted me to outsource all kinds of promo activities to a professional agency. This decision proved to be perfectly right, as it was thanks to their work that my startup skyrocketed to the top!

Martin Liberti

is a proven fact

A tailored approach

We assess each single business that comes our way, each time inventing unique strategies and solutions fit for client’s KPI!

Laser focused targeting

We research how people search for your products or services and we strive for delivering more traffic that converts into paying customers.

Did you just launch a new startup?
Then you need SEO!

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a free consultation

Deciding on launching a complex promotional or SE optimization campaign can take some time and thought… Our FREE initial consultation will allow you to estimate the expenditures and possible effects much quicker!