Case studies

Case studies

When it comes to a portfolio made of real cases, many agencies fall short and simply have nothing interesting to show…

We’re proud of the fact that our agency, as opposed to others, can easily showcase dozens of successful cases, which are simultaneously are also our best practices, that all were effectively implemented!

Health Barilla

When we’ve launched our SEO analysis for this client, they had a website that had lost about 50% of Google organic traffic due to the site being penalized for “unnatural linking”. The issue was based on Google’s Penguin filter/update(s).

Sports Equipment

Before becoming our clients, they had a website that had been managed for several years by a large competitor of ours. They were upset with the lack of customer service and felt their campaign was “lost” by those guys, lacking timely SEO tweaks.

Manufacturing Factory

Priorly to heading towards our help, the company had a very dated site written in static HTML format, with no mobile version to support. That was all despite an ever-growing mobile user base.


We’ve updated the mobile version of their website, making it responsive, SEO-optimized and content-enhanced. Also, we’ve helped them create a multitude of local language versions, with geo-targeted SEO settings put in place!


Updating the General Motors desktop and mobile website was fun, while working a New Media promo campaign for one of their latest autos was an even more exciting errand!

Highvary Rentals

With our client this time being one of the world’s largest Real Estate developers, the task at hand was massive! Starting with new website SEO audit, finishing with the link building and on-page adjustment to the live site.


This company has been our client for more than 8 years by now, maintaining hundreds of top SERPs for very competitive short-tail keywords. With our help they’ve achieved Top 10 rankings for over 15 regions.


This was an interesting bi-lingual SEO project, which was meant to optimize the steak-related rankings for this Texas-based steakhouse! Involving both English and Mexican SERPs, it was challenging but rewarding!


This smartphones manufacturing brand required our help in setting up, tweaking and managing their Pay-per-Click contextual advertising, just as well as their digital media buying…

Steward Electronics

Helping this e-store to compete with such electronics retail giant as the Best Buy was a tall order… Still, their TOP-3 ranking increased their traffic (and sales funnel) by 2X times!


This huge tech company, responsible for creating many industry-standard SaaS solutions, once requested our help with their New Media campaign, which we’ve successfully executed!


An online broadcaster and a direct rival for such giants as Netflix and Hulu, Recast became a TOP-10 Pay-per-View entertainment video subscription service, as you can easily check in Google, Bing or Yahoo!

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